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In The End Lyrics – Linkin Park With HD Video

Artist: Linkin Park Album: Hybrid Theory Genres: Alternative/Indie, Alternative metal [Chester Bennington:] It’s so unreal [Mike Shinoda:] Didn’t look out below Watch the time go right out the window Trying to hold on did-didn’t even know I...


Burn It Down Lyrics- Linkin Park

Burn It Down Mp3 Song Lyrics : This song is sung by Linkin Park Band, released in 2012, taken from their album Living Thing Song Details : Artist: Linkin Park Album: Living Things Released: 2012 Genre: Hard...


Numb – Linkin Park Lyrics | Chester Benington

Numb Mp3 Song Lyrics : This song is sung by Chester Bennington, American Rock Band Linkin Park, taken from their album Meteora, which is released in 2003. Song Details : Singer: Chester Bennington Band: Linkin Park Album:...